Yoga & Healing Kids

It all started with a dream

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of starting a place where kids can be 100% themselves and nothing else. Nowadays we want kids to adapt to our established way of living, though I believe our children are much more sensitive, open and have knowledge that we don’t. We try to make them fit into a box, but instead we should adapt to their way of living in this world.

The happiest moments in my life were when I was working with kids. Guiding summer camps, teaching kids yoga classes or simply play with them!

I want to raise (my) kids in a world where they can be their true selves, and allowed to remember who they are so they can spread their light and live their fullest potential.

My way of working

Kids are the most loving people in the world that I have ever come across with. I admire their honesty, openness, unconditional love and playfulness. While being with kids I believe you have to be fully yourself, and be open, truth and exactly who you are. Be like they are! 

Some frequently asked questions:

  • Can I schedule one session at a time? Yes!
  • What ages do you work with? Kids of all ages are welcome. For the yoga I try to make classes with kids of around the same age.
  • Can I join the yoga class with my kid? We can organize classes for parents & kids. The regular classes are just for the kids!
  • Can I stay during the healing of my kid? Yes ofcourse you can.
  • Can you also combine Reiki & coaching? Yes, sometimes we use Reiki as technique during coaching sessions.

What are the prices for Kids Healing

  • Kids Reiki healing (30 min): €40,-

What are the prices for Kids & Teenage Yoga

Please contact me if you want to organise a yoga class for kids and/or teenagers!

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