Yoga classes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

When is yoga for you?

  • Body: You would love te be more in tune with your body. You know your body needs your love, dedication and attention. I can help you connect to your body via yoga.
  • Mind: Your mind can be chattering all the time (don’t we all recognize this?). Via pranayama (breathing techniques) and asanas (yoga poses) you can connect to your breath, and your head will be on pause for a moment.
  • Spirit: You want to connect to your true self. Your highest potential? Via yoga & meditation you can reconnect to this part of you.
  • Self-confidence: step out of your comfort zone and recognize and acknowledge your own power! Yoga can show you what your are capable of!
  • Energy: a lot of highly sensitive people experience the vibe and energy around them. It is a gift if you know how to deal with it. Together we will practice.

Find the magic in every pose!


My way of working with yoga

As a Hatha yoga teacher I honor the traditions of yoga. My style can be best described as hatha and hatha restorative. I also love to teach some more hatha vinyasa classes! For me it always start with the breath, that is the key to your body, mind and spirit. Through the breath we can remember who we truly are!

Who can benefit from the yoga classes in Rotterdan?

People who want to be in touch with their highest potential, their true self. Sometimes we all immediately want to do the most advanced postures, but I believe it starts with your breath, getting into your body. What does it tell you, what poses work for you? And yes yoga is about discipline, but it is also about having fun and enjoy life!

Private yoga classes in Rotterdam
This classes are tailor-made for you. We will do an intake session, and I will make classes 100% for your intentions. The classes will contain pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (yoga postures), meditation and if that is preferred Reiki healing as well. It is also possible to do some partner yoga exercises.

Group yoga classes in Rotterdam (Kids & Adults)
My aim is to teach classes that are accessible for everyone. If you are a beginner or more intermediate, I would love to hold the space for you to connect to your breath again. The poses can be adjusted to your body. The classes will contain pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (yoga postures), meditation and if that is preferred Reiki healing as well.  

Business yoga classes in Rotterdam

As a former business girl I know how life can be in an office. As a business owner you can provide yoga classes at the office. People feel more energized, happy and less stressed at work! I will make sure I will integrate tools during the classes you can also use outside of the yoga class and behind a desk!

Some frequently asked questions about yoga classes in Rotterdam:

  • Can I schedule one session at a time? Yes!
  • For a private class, can you come to my place? Yes, I can!
  • Can you also combine Yoga & Reiki? Yes, we can combine it. We can do a more restorative class and we can end with Reiki.
  • Why are you a yoga teacher? Because I fell in love with yoga, it helped me to reconnect to my body, honor my body and love my body.

What are the prices for group yoga classes in Rotterdam

  • Single session : €15,- p.p. (minimum 10 persons)

What are the prices for private yoga classes in Rotterdam

  • Single session : € 100,-
  • Package of 5 sessions: €450,-
  • Package of 1o sessions: €888,-

If you want me to teach at your place, there might be an extra cost (depending on location)

What are the prices for business yoga classes in Rotterdam

Please contact me for further details on business details.

Ofcourse money never should be an issue. So if you think we should be together, but you can’t afford it. Think again, and just contact me. We’ll figure it out!

Curious? Leave a message.

Location: Rotterdam

Currently I teach the majority of my yoga classes in Rotterdam. If you want we can also do private classes via Skype.