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Guided meditations 

I record personalized guided meditations.


I love to make a ceremony for a special occasion. It can be a full moon ceremony, a cacao ceremony, or a ceremony for you to set your intentions in your new job, relationship or start a new chapter in life. We can do a ceremony to bless you and your intention!

Reiki healings

What to expect differs per healing, but it can give you a deep feeling of relaxation, answers to long-term questions suddenly come to you, or maybe nothing happens. All is good, the energy always finds its way to you. Just how it’s supposed to be at that given time
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Yoga classes in Rotterdam

As a Hatha yoga teacher I honor the traditions of yoga. My style can be best described as hatha and hatha restorative. I also love to teach some more hatha vinyasa classes! For me it always start with the breath, that is the key to your body, mind and spirit. I teach private classes, groups classes in Rotterdam. 

Intuitive Coaching

Well it is all about trust. And I trust you, you know best. I only provide you with the tools to get and stay in touch with your own feelings. You can use those tools in your everyday life. We will always start with a short guided meditation. Read more

Tarot readings

Need some intuitive insight into a challenging situation? Trying to make a tough decision but not sure which path to take? Or simply want to dial in your inner guidance and deeper wisdom?Tarot readings can help you find answers to questions, it connects you to your higher self.
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Healing & Yoga Kids

Kids are the most loving people in the world that I have ever come across with. I admire their honesty, openness, unconditional love and playfulness. While being with kids I believe you have to be fully yourself, and be open, truth and exactly who you are. Be like they are!
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Writing & speaking

Writing, sharing workshops, courses and doing talks about spirituality really lightens me up. And I hope they light you up as well!

Intention setting
Manifesting your dream life
Guided meditations
Protecting your energy
Find your answers with Tarot

Manifesting: this is how it works
Inspired action
Be your own coach
Finding your higher power

Writing & interviews
I love sharing about everything that has to do with spirituality and awareness. From meditation, manifestation, ceremony, plant medicine, shamanism, healing, astrology, vegan food, yoga, finding answers with tarot, and so so so much more. I am open to anything :).