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Cranio Sacral Therapy in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cranio Sacral therapy is a gentle form of therapy where we use our hands to connect to the body in a non-invasive way. The touch is generally light and still. I share treatments in Cuenca, Ecuador. Book a session 

Reiki healings

What to expect differs per healing, but it can give you a deep feeling of relaxation, answers to long-term questions suddenly come to you, or maybe nothing happens. All is good, the energy always finds its way to you. Just how it’s supposed to be at that given time
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Yoga classes in Cuenca, Ecuador

As a Hatha yoga teacher I honor the traditions of yoga. My style can be best described as hatha and hatha restorative. I also love to teach some more hatha vinyasa classes! For me it always start with the breath, that is the key to your body, mind and spirit. I teach private classes, groups classes in Cuenca, Ecuador. Find out my schedule

Intuitive Coaching

Well it is all about trust. And I trust you, you know best. I only provide you with the tools to get and stay in touch with your own feelings. You can use those tools in your everyday life. We will always start with a short guided meditation. Read more

Tarot readings

Need some intuitive insight into a challenging situation? Trying to make a tough decision but not sure which path to take? Or simply want to dial in your inner guidance and deeper wisdom?Tarot readings can help you find answers to questions, it connects you to your higher self.
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Healing & Yoga Kids

Kids are the most loving people in the world that I have ever come across with. I admire their honesty, openness, unconditional love and playfulness. While being with kids I believe you have to be fully yourself, and be open, truth and exactly who you are. Be like they are!
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Yoga & Healing retreats

Together with Om Healing Center Cuenca we facilitate Yoga & Healing retreats. Our aim is to give everyone the chance to experience the transformative healing of the indigenous Ecuadorian culture. While enjoying the rich and mystical philosophy of yoga! The yoga classes are based on a traditional style hatha yoga. We also include more restorative yoga and yoga nidra for full relaxation.

Yoga Styles
Hatha Yoga
Restorative / Yin Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Accomodation: Information about the location
The valley of Yunguilla, home of OM Healing Center Ashram. It is a self-contained private villa with a swimming pool surrounded by lush green trees and gardens. A perfect semi-tropical location creating the ideal peaceful and tranquil environment.

Do you want us to host a retreat?

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Example of one of our retreats

This unique program combines yoga & ancestral healing arts while honoring the indigenous. You will have the chance to ask everything about medicinal plants, healing and yoga. The retreat also includes three vegetarian meals per day, accomodation in a great ashram in Yunguilla with a view on the mountains, a swimming pool to relax and a beautiful yoga shala.

Daily yoga classes
Meditation sessions
One2One counseling & tarot reading
1 x Ancestral medicine workshop and 1x healing plants workshop
1x Ayahuasca ceremony + 1x San Pedro Ceremony +1x Temazcal
1x Harmonization, rose bath ritual
1x restorative spa day, scandinavian style

7 nights accomodation
3 meals per day Vegetarian/Vegan food
Several self healing workshops (nutricion, writing)
Opening Ceremony – elements
Silence day