True Tarot Reading for 3rd of September – 9th of September

Every week I do a true tarot reading by drawing three tarot cards. Find out what kind of message this online tarot reading has in store for you. Take a deep breath in and choose the card that resonates the most with your feeling. In this way you use your own intuition to guide you. Scroll below to reveal the message!

Pick a card for your weekly online Tarot Reading (3rd of September – 9th of September)

Which tarot card are you most drawn too? This is your card. This week I used one of my newest decks: Bonefire Tarot. Beautiful deck, and a most lovely book with it as well.. Slowly building a friendship with these cards!

Take a deep breath, pick a number and scroll down to see what your intuition wants you to know about this week.

Revelation of the cards & meaning of the true tarot reading:

Card #1: Eight of wands

Look at those pinecones flying through the air! Below that a beautiful rainbow river with diamonds in it. So much action is going on in this card. And that’s exactly what this card means, action action action! Go for it, put your plans into motion, use the momentum. You see the horseshoe? You might receive some happy news too.

A piece of news is indicated, which will leave some change in it’s wake. – Bonefire Tarot

Card #2: Ten of Coins

I love that the coins are the heart of the flowers in this card. Things come into fruition. And have you noticed the laundry that’s hanging in the back? This is a very welcome card if you were wondering if your family is going to be happy after all. An indication that it is. You might want to go outside, take a walk in nature and enjoy the flowers. This card is definitely a sign to contemplate on your family life, and what we can learn from our ancestors.

We are invited to be mindful of the amazing stories of survival around is our daily lives. – Bonefire tarot

Card #3: Seven of cups

Seven of cups, or should we say seven of ‘balloons’. What I love about this card is that the cups with beautiful options are so clearly floating around in our heads. Do you have tons of good ideas? Maybe this is not the time to make a decision, but to write down all of your ideas. Bring them to live on a piece of paper. Don’t let your mind full you with diamonds, see if you can bring it down to earth.

The balloons fill the man’s mind, expanding it and opening it to new experiences. – Bonefire tarot

What else..

These cards tell me there is a lot of action going on, maybe within our families. Lot’s of opportunities will come up, maybe even a little bit too much. What to choose? Write down your thoughts, plant a seed and see if your ideas can grow into action!

I love you!


p.s. If you want to draw me a personal card,  please see what reading suits you and drop me a message. Would love to read for you.

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This blog is like a journal to me. I write about living my life, following my heart and ofcourse about how craniosacral therapy inspires me.

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