True Tarot Reading for 17th of September – 23rd of September

Every week I do a true tarot reading by drawing three tarot cards. Find out what kind of message this online tarot reading has in store for you. Take a deep breath in and choose the card that resonates the most with your feeling. In this way you use your own intuition to guide you. Scroll below to reveal the message!

Pick a card for your weekly online Tarot Reading (10th of September – 16th of September)

Which tarot card are you most drawn too? This is your card. This week I used  the beautiful Shapeshifter Tarot deck.

True Tarot reading week 38 -2
True Tarot reading week 38 -2

Take a deep breath, pick a number and scroll down to see what your intuition wants you to know about this week.

Revelation of the cards & meaning of the true tarot reading:

True Tarot reading week 38 -3
True Tarot reading week 38 -3

Card #1: The Circle

Do you see the Wheel of Fortune that the hand is holding? It’s your hand and you can influence your own luck this week. What do you want to achieve? Where do you need some extra good luck this week? Maybe you can write it down and ask faith for help. Spin that wheel and expect a happy outcome. Your sharp eye for details will come in handy during this exercise!

By being alert to opportunities, practicing positive magick, and striving for spiritual growth, the seeker can influence the Circle to bring positive evolution in his or her life. – Shapeshifter Tarot

Card #2: Sorcerer

You little magician! This week you will literally guide your ideas into fruition. It’s time to start believing in magick, because it’s time to use yours. Do you have any plans to start something new? Now is the time to create what you want. You have the instinct of the wolf and that empowers the Sorcerer within this week.

Merging thought and feeling into one, renewed inspiration becomes your constant companion – Shapeshifter Tarot

Card #3: 10 of cups – Happiness

One of my favorite cards in every Tarot Deck, the ten of cups. Such a happy rainbow card! Do you see those little otters swim in the water? They are sensible guides, and embody water and earth energy. It’s time to play, to enjoy life, to live the dream to be happy. Take a moment and breath in all the happiness you can, feel it flowing through your body. You are love.

Perhaps most importantly to Otter symbolism is the ability to play – to find renewed joy in our lives that balances out more serious matters.

What else..

These cards tells me that you are going to work your magick this week. You can turn luck in your favor, create your wishes and enjoy life. Happy week is coming up for all of us!

I love you!


p.s. If you want to draw me a personal card,  please see what reading suits you and drop me a message. Would love to read for you.

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