True Tarot Reading

“Tarot readings that reconnect or profound your connection with your own intuition. So you get ANSWERS to questions you have.”

What is a tarot reading

In a tarot card reading we use tarot cards to get answers to questions you have. The tarot decks consist of 78 cards, and all have their specific meanings.

A tarot reader, can help you formulate a question, draw and interpretate the answers of the cards for you. The cards are your higher self, and always give you the answer that you need. Tarot helps clearing your mind, heal issues, and provides answers to questions.

Benefits of a true tarot reading

Tarot card reading online can help you find answers to questions, it connects you to your higher self.

  • Need some intuitive insight into a challenging situation?
  • Trying to make a tough decision but not sure which path to take?
  • Or simply want to dial in your inner guidance and deeper wisdom?

You can ask questions like:

  • What about my job?
  • How can I take more time for myself?
  • How is my relationship?
  • What does he /she think of me?
  • Should I call that friend back?
  • How can I connect more to my parents?
  • What is blocking my potential?

What to expect from a true tarot reading

That depends on every reading, but it can be that you get answers to questions you had, affirmation of things you were already feeling, or they can help you make decisions.

It can be live or online.

60 minute Tarot Reading (Skype or live) – €100

  • Via e-mail you send me your details, name, place, date of birth & your intention or question for the session
  • We agree on a time, and we connect on that time via Whatsapp or Skype
  • A short introduction
  • We do a short breath exercise of 5 minutes to connect to the cards
  • Then we will start doing the reading

Book your online tarot reading to help you find your answers to the issues in your life.

What not to expect from a tarot reading

  • Predictions about health and death
  • What are the winning numbers in a lottery
  • Predict a fixed future, I believe that you always have a choice

Some frequently asked questions about online tarot readings:

  • What is the location of the readings?  Everything can be done via Skype or Whatsapp. You can also come and visit me in Cuenca.
  • What if I don’t get the answer I want to have? The cards always give you the answer that you need in that moment, that might be different then what you hoped for. It could even be better!
  • Do you also give workshops in tarot? Yes, I do 8 week workshops on the basics of Tarot. Please send me a message for details

More questions? Leave a message.

Location: Online or in Rotterdam

Currently the majority of my readings I do online, if you want you can also come visit me in Rotterdam.