What-Do-I-Want Coaching (6 sessions)


Rediscover what you want

  • Ambition: You are ambitious and you want more. You want to develop yourself, you want to learn, in short: you want to continue. But how? Together we find out.
  • Self-confidence: step out of your comfort zone and recognize and acknowledge your own power again! Yes it is possible!
  • Feeling: “Who am I? What am I doing, is this what I want to do? And what do I really want to do?!” Those are the questions I have!
  • Energy: a lot of highly sensitive people experience the vibe and energy around them. It is a gift if you know how to deal with it. Together we will practice.


My way of working

Well it is all about trust. And I trust you, you know best. I only provide you with the tools to get and stay in touch with your own feelings. You can use those tools in your everyday life. We will always start with a short guided meditation. 


It is possible to only book one session ofcourse. Most of the time we work together in a traject of 6-10 sessions in which we can integrate personal and professional situation if wished.

Step 1. Reconnecting with your essence
This is all about you, it might be a weird feeling that everything is 100% about you. First connect with yourself, only then with others. The first sessions are about balancing between: head – heart, mind – body, positive – negative and yourself – the other.
Teaching methods: cases from work and private life, and exercises in breathing and the use of intuition.

Step 2. Building from here: What do I want?
You are young and ambitious. These sessions provide insight into your own values, dreams, obstacles, beliefs and decisions that you let do in the here and now.
Teaching methods: creative assignments (writing, painting, etc.) to get in touch with your core. Integrate feedback of others (colleagues, friends, family) with your own insights.

Step 3. Standing in your power: Just do it!
What do you need to use our fullest potential? How to achieve it? Let’s do it!


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