Relationship & Love Tarot Reading (AUDIO)


Tarot readings can help you find answers to questions, it connects you to your higher self.

  • Need some intuitive insight into a challenging situation in your current relationship?
  • Trying to make a tough decision but not sure which path to take?
  • Or simply want to dial in your inner guidance and deeper wisdom?

You can ask questions like:

  • What about this person I am dating?
  • How can I take more time for myself in my relationship?
  • How is my relationship in general?
  • How is he/she thinking about me?
  • How can I connect more to my partner?
  • What is blocking our relationship?


What to expect from a relationship and love tarot reading

That depends on every reading, but it can be that you get answers to questions you have about your relationship, affirmation of things you were already feeling, or they can help you make decisions.

True Relationship Tarot Reading (Audio) –  €30,00

  • Via e-mail you send me your details, name, place, date of birth & your intention or question for the session
  • If there is a partner or person involved, please send me some details about him/her as well
  • You can share the situation for a more specific reading
  • Within 5 working days I will send you an audio file
  • In the audio you can listen to the reading, I will use multiple cards
  • I will give a detailed description of the message of each card


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