Online Reiki Healing (30 min – Skype)


The Reiki healing can help on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. The energy can help you when you:

  • experience stress and are in need of relaxation
  • are tired and can use some energy
  • have to much energy, and want to cool down
  • want to grow spiritually
  • experience mood swings and want to feel more peace
  • have physical complaints such as headache, pain in your belly or muscle pain
  • feel like energy is not flowing, and want to open blocked chakra’s
  • need answers to specific questions




How does an online Reiki Healing work

It can be live or long distance. The only difference is that when you have a live healing, we are physically in the same place and I use my hands on your body to transmit the energy.

30 minute Online Reiki Healing 

  • Via e-mail you send me your details, name, place, date of birth & your intention for the session
  • We agree on a time, and we connect on that time via whatsapp or Skype
  • A short introduction of 5 minutes, then we disconnect
  • You can lay down in a comfortable position
  • With my pendulum I see which chakra’s are in need of some more loving energy
  • I connect to your seven chakras (one by one)

What to expect from an online Reiki Healing

That depends on healing, but it can be a deep form of relaxation, that you suddenly get answers to questions or maybe nothing happens. The energy is always transferred.

Reiki means ‘Universal Life Energy’. Literally translated it means ‘the power of the sun’. The Usui method of Reiki is a simple, natural and effective way to transfer this energy.

A Reiki healer can pass on energy via his or her hands. It is not the energy of the healer, but from another source. Reiki helps the body to activate and heal itself and bring it into balance.




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