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Rediscover what you want

  • Ambition: You are ambitious and you want more. You want to develop yourself, you want to learn, in short: you want to continue. But how? Together we find out.
  • Self-confidence: step out of your comfort zone and recognize and acknowledge your own power again! Yes it is possible!
  • Feeling: “Who am I? What am I doing, is this what I want to do? And what do I really want to do?!” Those are the questions I have!
  • Energy: a lot of highly sensitive people experience the vibe and energy around them. It is a gift if you know how to deal with it. Together we will practice.


My way of working

Well it is all about trust. And I trust you, you know best. I only provide you with the tools to get and stay in touch with your own feelings. You can use those tools in your everyday life.

During the free intake of 15 minutes we can meet each other via Skype, and see what questions you have. We can talk about your goals, and see if there is a match!

We will always start with a short guided meditation. 


It is possible to only book one session ofcourse. Most of the time we work together in a traject of 6-10 sessions in which we can integrate personal and professional situation if wished.

Step 1. Reconnecting with your essence
This is all about you, it might be a weird feeling that everything is 100% about you. First connect with yourself, only then with others. The first sessions are about balancing between: head – heart, mind – body, positive – negative and yourself – the other.
Teaching methods: cases from work and private life, and exercises in breathing and the use of intuition.

Step 2. Building from here: What do I want?
You are young and ambitious. These sessions provide insight into your own values, dreams, obstacles, beliefs and decisions that you let do in the here and now.
Teaching methods: creative assignments (writing, painting, etc.) to get in touch with your core. Integrate feedback of others (colleagues, friends, family) with your own insights.

Step 3. Standing in your power: Just do it!
What do you need to use our fullest potential? How to achieve it? Let’s do it!


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