Online Tarot Reading for 24th of December – 30th of December 2018

Every week I do a true tarot reading by drawing three tarot cards. Find out what kind of message this online tarot reading has in store for you. Take a deep breath in and choose the card that resonates the most with your feeling. In this way you use your own intuition to guide you. Scroll below to reveal the message!

Pick a card for your weekly online Tarot Reading (24th of December – 30th of December 2018)

Which tarot card are you most drawn too? This is your card. This week I used the Bonefire Tarot.

Online tarot reading week 52
Online tarot reading week 52

Take a deep breath, pick a number and scroll down to see what your intuition wants you to know about this week.

Revelation of the cards & meaning of the true tarot reading:

Online tarot reading week 52 -3
Online tarot reading week 52 -3

Card #1: Queen of Cups

A beautiful queen of emotions. Watery eyes, and a cup full of love. She holds a cup filled with the sun, love, and the perfect place to swim in. She holds your emotions for you this week. Think about someone (most likely a women) where you fill at ease with, to share your emotions. It might be a wise women, a healer or maybe she is even a little psychic. She is there for you this week to share your feelings with. And remember your feelings and emotions are prayers to the universe. That what you sense, is what you manifest. Don’t forget to thank this women to reflect back to you who you really are.

Her own identity is so fluid, when you look into her eyes, you see not the real women, but your own world reflected straight back at you. – Bonefire Tarot

Card #2: Two of Wands

You hold the world in your hands this week. There is a possibility for you to travel within your own world, or maybe go on a holiday. You see the stream of lava in the card? You can set your own world on fire this week, by following this stream. Is there a flow you can follow? Don’t worry about the goal or outcome yet, it’s time for you to discover! There is one wand (pine cone) ready to step into the adventue, the other one stays behind to ground you down. This might be a piece of yourself or maybe a loved one that holds down the fort and you can always return back to.

A plan for advancement. Step beyond your comfort zone, heading in the right direction. – Bonefire Tarot

Card #3: Five of Cups

Maybe it feels like you are far away from home. It can be a sign that you are disappointed in yourself. Or in other people, do you feel left out? Know that you are allowed to be disappointed, and go back home anyway. Love is unconditional, and you don’t need to let go of your disappointment or find consent with someone. Just know that it’s Christmas and its the time of forgiveness. Do you see the house in the back of the card? It’s a warm, cosy, comfortabel home. It’s where the people who love you are waiting for you. All is not lost.

The full cups echo the lights in the house and elements of the Universe joining forces to drag this poor young man back from the brink and set him on the road to recovery. – Bonefire Tarot

What else..

Be open to your emotions this week, if you cannot fight them, join them. A wise women will be there to guide. It’s also the time to trust the flow and set your (travel) plans into action. Not all is lost, there are always cups still full.

I love you!


p.s. If you want to draw me a personal card,  please see what reading suits you and drop me a message. Would love to read for you.

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