Online Oracle Card Reading for 14th of January – 20th of January 2019

Every week I do a card reading by drawing three tarot or Oracle cards. I got the sweetest present this week during a business meeting: A beautiful deck of Inner Compass cards. I decided to use those for this weeks reading. Take a deep breath in and choose the card that resonates the most with your feeling. In this way you use your own intuition to guide you. Scroll below to reveal the message!

Pick a card for your weekly online Oracle Card Reading (14th of January – 20th of January)

Which  card are you most drawn too?

Oracle card reading week 3 -2
Oracle card reading week 3 -2

Take a deep breath, pick a number and scroll down to see what your intuition wants you to know about this week.

Revelation of the cards & meaning of this oracle card reading:

Card #1: Transformation

I like the details of the leaves on this card. They are so beautiful and leaves give me the impression that they are never afraid to transform. Transformation is a process, and apparently time is ripe for you to start acknowledging it. Maybe you’ve noticed that you are letting go of ‘the old’ lately. Which could mean a group of friends, type of job, way of living etc. Most of the time it’s not the easiest thing to do. We try to hold onto it, and it makes us sad that we have to let go something that gave us so much joy in the past. But trust me, life is full of cycles. And you are in the middle of it. Trust the universe because you are transforming the old into the NEW. So maybe you have also noticed new friends, a new challenge at your work and more creativity in your life?

For this week try to be aware of the transformation you’re in. It makes letting go a lot easier if you know it’s making space for the new.

Card #2: Deep inside

Look at the symbols of this beautiful card. Looks like arrows pointing down towards your own inner rainbow, and gold arrows radiating from that spot inside of you. By turning more inwards and inwards, you start to become more aware of your own love, your own wishes. And by doing so you start radiating the golden arrows towards the outer world. You know what they say: “you’re vibe attracts your tribe.”. So by traveling to the inner you, you actually start attracting whatever is needed for you in this moment.

For this week acknowledge that all the answers are inside of you, take some time to be still and listen. Because you know what you want. And acknowledging that is enough. The universe will guide you on making it happen.

Card #3: Vulnerability

When have you been vulnerable lately? Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? We used to perceive it as weak, though the opposite is true. We try to hide the ‘real’ us behind some masks, but why? To protect ourselves from getting hurt or maybe being rejected by someone? It’s kind of hard work not being yourself, or enjoying who you are! By showing who you really are to yourself and others, you open up to so much more connections. It will take courage, but hey: You can do this!

For this week try to check-in with yourself at least once a day. Are you hiding the real you, or are you showing your vulnerability. Have faith, be brave and be you. It’s ok to be afraid, it’s your superpower that will come out.

What else..

A week of transformation: I like.. Acknowledge the process you’re in, try to go within this week. Listen to who you truly are and show that person to yourself and others. Vulnerability is a super power. Especially during transformative times likes these.

All the love,


p.s. If you want to draw me a personal card,  please see what reading suits you and drop me a message. Would love to read for you.

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