New Moon in Virgo 9th September 2018 – Tarot reading

With the new moon in Virgo (my birth sign) it feels like a good idea to start doing a more collective reading during specific stages of the moon. The moon specifically is a great time to set new intentions and set your goals for the month.

Tarot Spread for New Moon in Virgo

The Tarot Spread I decided to use is from 2018 Tarot by the Moon Guide by Ethony. It is a new moon in Virgo, a very practical and organisational energy. Home and health are things to take care of during this moon.

1. Community – How can I be of service to others?
2. Cast off – What needs decluttering in my life?
3. Pay attention – What needs my attention?
4. Get organised – Where do I need to get more organised?
5. Last quarter call – Where to focus your energy this season?

Tarot Reading 9th of September 2018: New moon in virgo

Revelation of the tarot cards and their meanings


Card #1: How can you be of service to others? Nine of Pentacles

This is the card of abundance, gratefulness, being content with what you have. This moon cycle you can be of service to others by sharing your gratefulness for them being around you. Share your wealth with them. Invite people over for dinner, give away an unexpected present. It’s about sharing the abundance you have, whether that is love, gratefulness, fruits or more material things.

Card #2: What needs decluttering in your live? Seven of Pentacles

Literally a card of harvesting, but also a little bit of impatience. You have been growing your skills and talent, and you maybe have been (im)patiently waiting before you would see results of this. Maybe you have been planting so many seeds, that it is time to declutter. Which of your ideas do you really want to grow and be able to harvest?

Card #3: What needs your attention? Five of Wands

The card of conflict and also some stress in work. This is a sign for you to pay attention this month that you don’t make a battle of competition from everything your doing. Choose your battles. Conflict and stress is not always a bad thing, as long as you don’t absorb these energies. Maybe you can be the ‘wise person’ this month. Be the glue that sticks the group together.

Card #4: Where do I need to get more organized? Ten of Pentacles

Again a pentacle card. Which make sense with this moon in Virgo, very practical and focussed on family, home and earthly things. This card is a sign to get more organized in either family and or financial matters. Time to sort out all of your bank statements, declutter your administration, pay your bills. Make a clean sheet this month financially. Make sure that you have everything in order again financially.

Card #5: Where to focus your energy this season? The Hermit

A call for us to go within, to seek the knowledge within. To take some time for ourselves. There is a light within ourselves that is always shining, whatever you go through. Take this final quarter to focus on your inner wisdom, what do you seek. What answers are you still looking for? You may find them the upcoming months.

What else..

Three pentacle cards that are related to the element of earth, just as Virgo. The Hermit is the typical virgo card, so no surprise these cards popped up for this new moon. Lot’s of practical energy, make sure you organize your financial stuff and make some extra family/home time. The energy of the Hermit can help us to seek the answers what we’ve been looking for. Contemplate on the seeds you have been planting, and keep watering them. Stay away from conflicts (with yourself) and keep your gratitude practice going.

I love you!


p.s. If you want a personalized reading,  please see what reading suits you and drop me a message. Would love to read for you.



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