Go with the flow with Craniosacral therapy (CST)

You’ve probably heard the saying: to be in the flow. What it means to me is that everything is literally able to flow in your life, things seems to come and go exactly in the right moment and place. Our body also has a flow: the breath of life. Through CS therapy we can connect with this. If the breath of life can flow through our body without resistance there is no pain, trauma, cropped emotions in our body.

The ‘Goal’ of CranioSacral Therapy

The main goal of a craniosacral treatment is to achieve the free flow of the craniosacral system. I would love to add the note that a CS therapist never violates or forces the body to ‘do’ this. it already works by stimulating your own healing powers that are present in the body.

When we listen to the flow of cerebrospinal fluids we can sense stagnation points. By being present and focussing on the health of the body we can resolve tensions.

Flow of cerebrospinal fluids? What?! How does this work?

All disturbances in the body are reflected in dural and fascial structures that form the craniosacral system. If we connect to the rhythm of our system, we can sense disturbances. There are three different tides in this rhythm that you can sense.

For example we can support the body by releasing and freeing diaphragms. We work around these areas to melt the fascia, and by this release all possible stress on the vertebral column and sacrum so that the CS system obtains optimal freedom. Or we can guide the bones of the skull in the right place. Stresses in the membranes of the skull and the spine will relax as a result.

The long tide or third rhythm is the feeling of being one with everything, everyone, the entire universe. So called no-mind. Best explained as a meditative state. The feeling that you’re mind, body and spirit can completely relax. It is in this state that our body remembers who he/she is: already healed and healthy. As a therapist we are present with whatever comes up in the body, we follow our intuition, stay present, listen, and just be.

I prefer this way of working above figuring out what I think that needs to happen and mechanically guide this. My approach is almost always fully biodynamic, which means that I trust the treatment plan the body is giving me. I don’t ‘do’ anything, just being present, trusting the health of the body and listen.

The effects of such a craniosacral session

Focussing on health helps release the tension in diaphragm, fascia, membranes, skull, vertebral column, organs, bones or other parts of your body and can have the following effects.

  • Rejuvenating and healing effect
  • Deep relaxation
  • Pain patterns disappear and old accidents lose impact on the mechanism
  • Stress zones and cramps release
  • Feelings change, general illumination.

How you can physically benefit from craniosacral therapy (CST)

CranioSacral is suitable in all kinds of situations such as:

  • back problems
  • shoulder and neck problems
  • knee problems (also acute)
  • headaches & migraines
  • menopausal complaints
  • stress-related complaints
  • spastic intestines
  • sadness
  • trauma processing
  • for deepening self-knowledge

You want to flow in life? Contact me for more info and see what I can do for you!

CranioSacral is also very suitable babies and little kids to help with things such as baby colic, no sleep, early trauma, intestinal problems, movement restrictions, and (other) indefinable complaints.

Do you have a specific complaint, question or want to know more about what things CST can help you with? You can always drop me a line here.

Author: Willemijn

This blog is like a journal to me. I write about living my life, following my heart and ofcourse about how craniosacral therapy inspires me.

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