CranioSacral Therapy helps us listen to the signals of our body

When we sense pain, emotions, fatigue, disease in our body I believe that this is the way our body talks to us. But how to understand? And to heal?

Our body is talking to us, through CranioSacral Therapy we can listen

We have a lot of ways we can deal with the symptoms of diseases with medications and pills for example. I believe that if you truly want to heal, you have to try and find the root, the cause of what’s going on. So before trying to ‘heal’ ourselves, and want to get ‘rid’ of our pains or discomfort, we connect to it. By connecting through the body we find out if the cause is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Once we know the cause, we can see how we can deal with that.

What I love about CST is that you can work on very specific things that manifest through our body. My digestive system wasn’t working properly for years. I tried everything, going to the doctor, changing my diet, sports and so many more advices I got on a physical level. When I started working with CST and listening, it appeared that I had literally difficulties with digesting and letting go of what people told me. So we started working on the anger I had, and bit by bit my digestive system started working again, and today it works like a charm (pleased to share this info with you;)! But old habits die hard, and in some situations I block again. Luckily I now understand why.

Learning the words of your body as a new language

For me learning CST is the same experience as learning a new language. In the beginning you hear people talk and you hear sounds, but you can’t differentiate what they are saying. Once you start studying, slowly you start noticing specific words, phrases, until after studying a lot, and practicing it for a long time you start to really understand this language. And even in your own native language you keep discovering new words or expressions!

That’s the same with your body, it’s talking to you in a language with infinite number of words. Don’t expect from yourself that you understand what he/she is saying on your first day. My advice is to really see it as a new language. Study it, if you have specific sensations, what does that mean? You will see you will start to recognize things your body shows you! After awhile you will feel more and more comfortable talking to your body on what’s going on, this also helps build trust. You can work together, because you understand each other (trust me, your body has been studying you since before you were born).

How to listen to your body?

After the past few years I understand the signals of my body better and better. Still learning everyday, and will be the rest of my life. You can listen to your body by:

  • meditating on a specific part of your body
  • lay down in bed, and be quiet, just see what sensations you experience, just listen
  • write down if you feel sensations and what they could mean to you

Would love to help you interpret the signals of your body during a craniosacral session. Do you have a specific complaint, question or want to know more about what things CST can help you with? You can always let me know!

Author: Willemijn

This blog is like a journal to me. I write about living my life, following my heart and ofcourse about how craniosacral therapy inspires me.

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